Role of teacher to prepare student for responsible citizen

Honesty is the basic theme of good citizenship. A person must be honest with others, and with himself or herself, in order to be a good citizen.

Role of teacher to prepare student for responsible citizen

The explosion of technological development in society has inevitably presented a wide range of possibilities at the click of some keys. And even as schools and educators use the available tools for holistic education, it is essential that teachers and students are equipped to use technology responsibly.

The instances of students as well as adults misusing and abusing technology are far too many to be ignored. What is Digital Citizenship?

It is more than just a teaching tool; it is a way to prepare students for a society full of technology. This would focus on the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use.

Towards that end, one way of helping students is following the REPs. Each area encompasses three topics which should be taught beginning at the kindergarten level. When teaching these ideas the top theme from each group would be taught as one REP.

For example the first REP would be: This would continue through REPs two and three. This method helps to ensure that all students have covered the same topics and everyone has the basic ideas of digital citizenship. Respect Your Self and Others Etiquette: Understanding electronic standards of conduct or procedure.

To work towards providing and expanding digital access. Educate Your Self and Connect Communication: Understand electronic exchange of information. What technologies must be taught; how to use technology quickly and appropriately.

How to be effective consumers in the digital economy. Understanding the freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world; how do digital rights and responsibilities work together?

Electronic precautions to guarantee safety and protect information. Physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world.


The web is a good place to find resources regarding proper learning and citizenship on the internet. Listed below are some such resources that will help you promote safe e-learning whether you choose to follow the REPs format or do it in other engaging ways.

Role of teacher to prepare student for responsible citizen

These can be great conversation starters in class and can also be used in conjunction with their corresponding lesson plans. Media Smarts Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization MediaSmarts has developed and delivered high-quality digital and media literacy resources aimed at advancing digital and media literacy in schools, homes and communities.

Understanding You Tube and Digital Citizenship http: Its dangers are just as many. So it has devised an interactive curriculum aimed to support teachers.

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It is a good resource for specific advice on issues such as social networking and cyber-bullying and how these relate to and affect online experiences. Cyber-bullying Tool Kits http: This toolkit will help take on those questions and take an effective stand against digital harassment.

"Role Of Teacher To Prepare Students For The Responsible Citizenship" Essays and Research Papers Role Of Teacher To Prepare Students For The Responsible Citizenship Role of teacher Role of teacher Teachers play an important role in fostering the intellectual and social development of children during their formative years. Role Of Teacher To Prepare Student For Responsible Citizen  THE ROLE OF TEACHER IN THE CHARACTER BUILDING OF STUDENTS If students are said to be “The future of Nation”, then the teachers are those who can be referred as “Future Builders of the Nation”. Over the course of the student teaching semester, you will gradually take on more of the classroom teacher’s responsibilities (see the Student Teaching Observation Calendar and Guide). Eventually, you will teach for longer periods of the day and continue to co-teach and co-plan with your cooperating teacher.

Cable in the Classroom http: It includes helping them understand their rights and responsibilities while recognizing the benefits and risks, and realize the implications of their actions, both personal and ethical. Pinterest Digital Citizenship http: What are some activities that you have used to talk about Digital Citizenship in your classroom?Lesson Plans and Activities USCIS offers lesson plans with instructions and teaching strategies for novice and seasoned ESL instructors preparing students for U.S.

citizenship. Lessons include content on American Government, American History, and Integrated Civics covered in the Civics Test as well as language needed for the reading and writing portions of the English Test. In a democratic society, teachers are obligated to work toward developing the capabilities of students, one dimension of which involves responsible citizenship, or the ability and inclination to play an active role in improving society for all people (Ross, Bondy, and Kyle in press).

Teaching the Responsibilities of Citizenship. ERIC Digest. Education for citizenship in a constitutional democracy has been a long-standing goal of schools in the United States.

To achieve this goal, students must learn their civil rights and responsibilities in a .

Classroom Management for Responsible Citizenship: Practical Strategies for Teachers

Teaching Good Citizenship's Five Themes Individuals and groups have responsibilities. Responsibility is about action, and it includes much of what people think of as good citizenship.

You may wish to point out that one of the main responsibilities of students is to learn. Helping Your Child Become a Responsible Citizen Helping Your Child Become a Responsible Citizen Fore word Contents “Intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be responsible citizens and good people. Preparing Students for Lives of Responsible Citizenship: A Higher Education Civic Blueprint for the State of New Jersey Andrew P.

Frederick Princeton University Follow this and additional works Part of theService Learning Commons This Report is brought to you for free and open access by the Barbara A.

Teaching the Responsibilities of Citizenship. ERIC Digest.