Corning vitro joint case study

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract There are promising results in the use of platelet-rich plasma PRP for musculoskeletal tissue repair.

Corning vitro joint case study

Even though it seemed that the venture would be an instant success, cultural differences led to its eventual demise. On the surface the two companies seemed to be compatible, but were unable to adapt a uniform corporate culture.

Many problems arose because of the differing managing styles of upper management in the United States and Mexico. By forming this joint venture each company hoped to gain access to markets that it couldn't penetrate quickly enough to create a competitive advantage. The companies also wanted to share their technology with other firms to gain access to markets that they couldn't easily enter.

Many cultural differences led to the end of the joint-venture. First of all, the companies had differing ideas about how products should be marketed and sold. Corning thought that Vitro was too slow with their sales and production. The Americans accused the Mexicans not being aggressive enough and wasting too much time by being polite.

On the other side, Vitro thought the Americans were too forward and that they moved too quickly. There were major differences in the way the two company's management was organized and in the way they made decisions.

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Corning could not deal with the timeliness and hierarchy of Vitro's decision making process, implying it took too much time and was inefficient.

The Americans felt that the decision making process used by the Mexicans was inefficient and was detrimental to the company. In addition to the differing managing styles, problems arose due to financial and commercial concerns betweenIn or Out: The Corning/Vitro Joint Venture (A) 1 This case simulation focuses on the response of two North American firms -- Vitro and Corning -to the challenges presented by economic integration and globalization.

Identify and discuss Corning 's strategic predisposition toward a joint venture with Vitro. Because of long histories of successful joint ventures and had been an innovative leader in foreign alliances for over 73 years, Corning 's strategy of establishing the joint venture relationship with Vitro.

Corning vitro joint case study

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Corning vitro joint case study

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Read the Case Study entitled, Cross-Cultural Conflicts in the Corning-Vitro Joint Venture on pages Then, answer the Questions for Review at the end of the case.

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