Centralia no 5 essay

Background[ edit ] InEverett, Washington was facing a serious depression. There was ongoing confrontation between business, commercial interests, labor, and labor organizers.

Centralia no 5 essay

Perrow concluded that the tightly-coupled complex systems were more accident prone, as seen in the Centralia No 5 coal mine explosion.

So why is it so complex? Many American have wondered why the government cannot be cut to a manageable size, at least this saves the budget of maintaining multiple agencies. Most of these agencies also have political ties and interest therefore any call for change will be fought by those with interest in the policies of the agencies.

Liberals believe that the government has broad responsibilities and therefore must be robust in order to accomplish its set task. Woodrow Wilson wrote that the primary aim of government administrative study should be to discern what government can properly and successfully do.

So the question is would the explosion have been avoided if Scanlon had only one agency to report to? In trying to understand the administrative lapses of the people involved in ensuring the safety of the miners, it is important we breakdown the lapses in order to paint a clearly picture and apportion the blame.

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The complexity of the administrative process were many players are involved in policy implementation and interpretation which often times leads to error and lapses and finger pointing because they thought it was office A or Bs duty.

Lack of accountability between Political actors. Coal has always been deeply enmeshed in Illinois politics, so the question to ask is, was the refusal to close the mine politically motivated?The Centralia No. 5 Mine Explosion: A Failure in Public Administration - Description Centralia Coal Company was owned by Bell & Zoller Coal & Mining Company.

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Free Essay: The Blast in Centralia No. 5 by John Bartlow Martin highlights multiple failures in public administration. In this case study Bartlow reviewed.

The explosion at the Centralia No.5 occurred due to poor response by the management of the mine. The mine managers were concerned more about the profitability of the company and had little concern about the welfare of the mine workers.


Centralia no 5 essay

5" The Problem The obvious problem with Centralia No. 5 is that an explosion killed people. However, prior to the actual explosion, the problem is less obvious, especially since Centralia No.

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5 was similar to so many mines that did not explode. Stillman II, The Blast in Centralia No. 5: A Mine Disaster No One Stopped Notes by Blair Casebere and Katy Garren, spring miners were killed in a mine explosion.

Years before the explosion took place the miners had appealed in various directions for help, but received none from their gov’t—state or fed.l—nor their own union.

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